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Get Exemplary SAT Essay Sample Here

Your SAT essay score should be high enough to put you ahead of the other applicants. Here, there are tips and a sample college essay to help you improve the quality you produce.

Why It Is Advisable to Read Sample SAT Essay Crafted by Experts

Colleges want to know exactly who you are before they can admit you, SAT essays provide an avenue for the admission committee of the school to know exactly who you are. Some colleges do not consider them important. However, a majority of the prestigious institutions use them. The prompt is standard for all the applicants, which gives the reviewers an easy time to have a standard assessment for the applicants.
The score you get in this essay your admission to the institution. Therefore, you need to take it seriously. If you are doing the essay for the first time, look at a properly crafted sample to get an idea of what to write.

Tips for Preparing the Best Essay

Three things are looked at in these essays: your comprehension level of the text provided, whether you can analyze the essay appropriately, and how you organize the content. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to read the text you have been presented with carefully. Look at how the author uses language to persuade the readers. Ensure that you also have the flow of the text.
You should look at various sample essay outlines before organizing your arguments to know exactly how you should organize your content. Since SAT is a timed test, you should understand the sample essay outline way before the day of the essay. Otherwise, you can easily panic and make costly mistakes in the essay.
Sit and concentrate on writing. Begin with an introduction that clearly states the background information and the exact argument that you intend to advance in you essay body. The body should have your arguments backed with evidence from the text you have been given. Complete the essay with a nice conclusion
Proofread your essay until you are comfortable that no other error will prevent you from getting the high scores. The things that should not escape your attention as you correct include:
Grammar mistakes
Misspelled words
Overused words
Just like an essay outline sample from a professional, your final piece should also be perfect.

Exceptional SAT Sample Essay for You

The essay sample excerpt below explains how Paul Bogard appeals to the emotion of the readers in ‘Let There Be Dark”.
By the author beginning with a personal story of how he spent his summer in Minnesota, he shows the readers that the story is not just concocted but from personal experience. This adds credibility to it. With the perfect use of illusion, the author paints the city as one that is beautiful. The stars in the skies are what drives the author to insist that darkness makes this city more beautiful.
By use of rhetorical questions, Bogard convinces the readers that there is nothing else that is worth being compared to the beauty of this sky at night.